Understand Media Like Never Before

Automatically analyze, extract, and search valuable metadata from your own images, videos, and audio files.

Media Analysis Tools

Built for Video Analysis

Extract key details from video files

Upload MOV or MP4 video files for media analysis including label detection, celebrity recognition, face detection, face search, and pathing.

Using Plagly managed artificial intelligence (AI) services allows you to search, analyze and store different types of extracted metadata for further processing.

Accurately recognize video content

Built for Image Analysis

Search and retrieve image metadata

Upload a PNG, JPG, or JPEG image to the solution’s encrypted service for face indexing, label detection, celebrity recognition, and face search.

Add images to your private collection where further media analysis results can be searched, retrieved, processed, and stored with the results.

Search your image results

Built for Audio Analysis

Analyzing the content of your audio

Automatically transcribe audio and extract key phrases and entities from transcripts, to quickly and seamlessly extract key details.

Upload FLAC, MP3, WAV, or MP4 audio files to perform media transcription, text analysis, and translation using natural language processing.

Easy transcription and translation services
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