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Media Analysis


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  • Full Access to All Features
  • All Media Types (video, images, audio)
  • Detect Objects & Labels
  • Face Detection
  • Face Matching
  • Person Detection
  • Celebrity Identification
  • Transcription & Translation
  • Key Entities
  • Key Phrases

Pricing FAQs

What is the subscription pricing?

Plagly offers powerful and cost-effective services to help customers process, analyze, and extract meaningful data from their audio, image, and video files

What counts as a user?

Anyone able to upload on or view your files counts as a user.

What files can I analyze?

Analysis consists of highly accurate object, scene, and activity detection; facial analysis and recognition; pathing; and celebrity detection in videos and images, automatic speech recognition service, automatically transcribe audio and extract key phrases and entities from transcripts, to quickly and seamlessly extract key details from their media files without machine learning expertise.

How are payments processed?

We use Stripe as a payment processor. Rest assured that we never handle your credit card info directly.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes! Your subscription will continue to be active for the remaining duration of your billing cycle.

Do you offer an annual plan at a discount?

Yes! If you subscribe to our annual pricing plan, you'll save about 15% compared to our monthly plan. Please contact us for more information

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