Top Reasons Why You Need a Plagiarism Checker

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With the spotlight turning to the need for unique content, the need for efficient plagiarism checking tools has never been felt as much as it is felt now.

Plagiarism checkers are increasingly becoming popular, and as expected, tons of software are developed daily to help. However, it is important to note that only a small percentage of these software are as effective as users generally want them to be.

Plagiarism checkers like Plagly are an effective way to inspect academic papers and articles for any red flag that may suggest lifting from another website. This specialized software is one of the few tools that are available for people that are serious about creating unique content for online and academic purposes.

The presence of plagiarism checkers like Plagly only makes it easy to escape being accused of plagiarism. 

Still not convinced about why you need a plagiarism checker like Plagly? Take a look at a few other reasons that will convince you:

1. Coverage of More Materials

Indeed, there are tons of plagiarism checkers that have been created since the internet began, but not all of them can boast of a good level of efficiency. Top-quality plagiarism checkers are the ones that cover more sources like databases, including books and periodicals that are not available online.

Today, there are thousands of publications existing, and it takes operating in a particular quality for a plagiarism checker to access the massive databases containing such articles.

2. Highlights the Copied Content

Another reason to use a plagiarism checker like Plagly is its ability to highlight the exact content that is being copied.

In other words, when you use this checker, you will be able to see the words and sentences that have been copied verbatim as it appears on the work of the original author.

3. Offers Similarity Percentage

Another vital feature of top-quality plagiarism checkers is their ability to provide you with the percentage of the similarity.

Universities and academic bodies can use plagiarism checkers like Plagly to check papers for plagiarism. This is because of the ability of the software to offer the exact percentage of plagiarism when used by students or instructors for reviewing papers.

Most universities have a standard percentage of similarity that they can accept. For students to check and be sure that they remain on this percentage, they will need a plagiarism checker that can offer this feature, and this is where Plagly and a few others stand out.

4. Proof of Uniqueness

The result from top-quality plagiarism checkers like Plagly is enough proof that you have not plagiarized an article or content and will assist you in avoiding plagiarism in your writing.

Most people prefer to print out reports from plagiarism checkers or to save their electronic copies as proof to their instructor that their article is unique. Some instructors will specifically ask for a copy of this report; hence, the need to know acceptable websites that you can print such reports from.

The above four reasons for using a plagiarism checker are valid points and should be relevant to any researcher, student, or content creator.

Plagiarism is becoming a more serious issue both in the academic world and in the non-academic world. reports that nearly 80% of college students admit to cheating at least one time.

Thanks to the invention of the plagiarism checking technology, you can now be assured of your safety as a researcher. Why not take advantage of it?

If you are ready to start using plagiarism checkers now and want a plagiarism checker that will handle it as perfectly as you want, then Plagly is the perfect option for you.

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